The Spanish term morbo (from latín morbus) means morbidity, or figuratively morbid fascination, or “ghoulish delight.”


Maurycy Gomulicki (b. 1969) – artist, designer, photographer, collector, and anthropologist of popular culture. A hedonist who consistently propagates the Culture of Bliss. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In the 1990s, he had his own column in the Machina magazine titled “Rzecz Kultowa” (“Cult Thing”), which later moved to the Fluid magazine under the name “Od rzeczy” (“No Thing”). He was a consultant and co-author of the project ABCDF – Graphic Dictionary of Mexico City (2000–2002). The main author of the graphic and architectural image of the sex shop network “Love Store” (Mexico, 2005). He gained renown among a broader audience with his multidisciplinary project Pink Not Dead! (Mexico, Warsaw, 2006). Gomulicki has published three photographic albums. An important element of his work is intensive color, explored both through its vital potential and socio-cultural dimension. He is the creator of a range of objects and installations in the public space. Affiliated with the Leto Gallery in Warsaw, he lives and works alternately in Poland and Mexico.

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