It all begins with the decision. Then there is time to calculate and imagine the motion and the details of it in my mind. I visualize the body in action, and in the moment, I let go, clearing my head of all inner instruction and allowing it to happen, a moment of total trust. Letting gravity pull my body down until it covers the largest area possible, none of my force is struggling to work against it anymore. I stand up and repeat.

Helga Wretman

Concept and performance: Helga Wretman
Cinematographer: Dian Zagorchinov
Special thanks: Przemek Pyszczek and Aude ParisetTime: 17:36.
Performance comissioned for Obieg / Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, 2017


Helga Wretman was born in 1985 in Stockholm, Sweden. She lives and works in Berlin. She explores the fake and real, possibilities and limitations of the body and technology. As an artist and stunt double, Wretman thrives on pushing her limits and improving the state of her surrounding. She has appeared as a stunt woman in movies such as: The Book Thief, The Voices, Eddie the Egle, A Cure for Wellness, Run boy Run, Hänsel and Gretel the Witch Hunters, and many more. Helga is also creator and host of the internet TV show Fitness for Artist TV on Arte Creative. She has shown work at the Moscow Biannual for Young Art, Bergen Kunsthall, Lyon Biannual, Shirn Kunsthalle, Berlinische Gallerie and Palais de Tokyo and many others.

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