PHOTOSENSITIVE WARNING: the gif files include flashing and sparkling elements.

Sparkling mirages, technically awkward, but full of good intentions - like Polish dreams and ambitions of the past - have landed in the following locations:

- unfinished atomic plant in Żarnowiec,

- Emilcin - the place of Jan Wolski's encounter with aliens,

- a holiday resort in Krynica Górska.

The content of the mirages has been sourced from printed advertising materials from the early 1990s and from the “Ciąg dalszy... Dynastii” (“The Dynasty continued,” Laser Sound 1993), which also inspired the title of the entire project.

The aliens’ ship was photographed by Edwin Dekker, originally in Łódź. Thank you!


Olga Drenda - ethnographer/anthropologist, author, translator. She published in "2+3 D", "Slanted", "Znak", "Dwutygodnik", "Nowy Obywatel" et al., collaborated with Unsound Festival, Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin and many more. Author of the Duchologia Polska page ( and books Duchologia polska. Rzeczy i ludzie w latach transformacji (Karakter 2016), Czyje jest nasze życie (together with Bartłomiej Dobroczyński, Znak, 2017). Her interests include anthropology of daily life, transformation era in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe and the subcultures of amateur creatives and collectors. She lives in Mikołów.

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