Dusty Talk # 1

This computer is overheating. Its breathing is over-stressed.

Clean Out Your Computer's Case: Dust accumulates in the desktop

PC shells and laptops forever,

Clogging fans and blocking air flow.

This dust can cause ventilation problems,

Trapping heat and preventing your parts

From cooling themselves properly.

It’s warm again, it’s always getting warmer, with time and dust. I bought a vacuum to clean the space between the letters. I needed more space – in between the words, mostly between the keyboard doing the song and the keyboard doing the talk. Sometimes I play and write with other parts and it does feel different. I open my eyelids in flashes, open my fingers in a star/fist convulsion; I open 15 windows in a row, in an accelerated breath of heated frames. Any given shape taken by the outside or the outdoors gives an instantaneous illusion of cooling down, of metallic refreshment.

Sometimes I spread oil so the keys and the screen stick together. When I say vacuum I mean this old rope sucking with its soundhole the material of electromagnetic powder that propels and produces us. Suction alone (out the bottom) does not do such a good job, and may actually draw dust further into the machine if used from the top at the heat exhaust slots. It says hhhhhhhshhssh on the hyper-reactive aluminium skins. I ventilate heavily, too warm. I type hard and loud, neighbors from tables, desks, libraries, and other horizontal networks hate me.

Dusty Talk #2

Lead: damages the central and peripheral

nervous systems, blood systems, kidney, and reproductive

Cadmium: accumulates, for instance, in the kidneys.

Mercury: affects the brain and kidneys, also the fetus in pregnant women.

Hexavalent Chromium/Chromium VI: passes through cell membranes,

producing various toxic effects in contaminated cells.

Barium: causes brain swelling, muscle weakness, and damage to the heart, liver, and spleen.

James as bodies and technologies are in daily need of lithium, of the lightest known metal, a lubricant for the brain and batteries with no “memory-effect”. Astrophysicists had a theory that novae, or stellar explosions, were responsible for lithium's scant distribution in the universe, but they didn't have data for how that worked until Nova Centauri's 2013 explosion – visible to the naked eye, if your eyes were in the southern hemisphere. Researchers witnessed the dying star ejecting lithium into space.

James like to communicate with the geo- and biological aspects of behavioral mechanisms. They are often amused by how the Greek prefix for earth and Latin word for I share the exact same alphabetic units. James’ journalistic articles usually write themselves in the web browser search window. “…made from a plethora of different metals, plastics, alloys and other materials” James love copper, the surrounding of the conductive metal make them feel euphoric. They like 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane and then even rarer ones, some are less dangerously toxic and poisonous components then others. Lead solidifies, as a form of radiation shields and as a plastic stabilises. Gold pin plates conduct, but are also used on hard disks along with forms of aluminum, magnesium, silicon, and zinc. All those vitamins. All that is solid.

I'm so happy because today

I've found my friends

They're in my head

I'm so ugly, but that's okay, cause so are you

We've broken our mirrors

Sunday morning is everyday for all I care

And I'm not scared

Light my candles in a daze

Cause I've found god

Hey, hey, hey

I'm so happy but that's okay I shaved my head

And I'm not sad

And just maybe I'm to blame for all I've heard

But I'm not sure

I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet you there

But I don't care

I'm so horny but that's okay

My will is good

Hey, hey, hey

I like it, I'm not gonna crack

I miss you, I'm not gonna crack

I love you, I'm not gonna crack

I killed you, I'm not gonna crack

I like it, I'm not gonna crack

I miss you, I'm not gonna crack

I love you, I'm not gonna crack

I killed you, I'm not gonna crack

I'm so happy 'cause today

I've found my friends,

They're in my head

I'm so ugly, that's okay, 'cause so are you,

Broke our mirrors

Sunday morning is everyday for all I care,

And I'm not scared

Light my candles in a daze

'Cause I've found god

Coal, bile, oil,

in between


Ink, blood, water

in between


Benzyna, woda, krew i atrament sfotografowane aparatem z lampą błyskową, 2008.

Dusty Talk #3

Low Suns /

There are nights when the sky has the color and taste of ash

the softness of dust infinitely fine as undefined sadness

such as no other in the world could be as fine

of definitively consumed matter.

An exhibition, 13 guards, 11 women, 2 men, 76 windows.

What’s the matter?

Electric cables, 582 square meters of carpet.

There’s Sosnowiec, 8 beamers, 12 remote controls in translucent blue bags.






The exhibition spaces turned layers by layers into the black color.

European and Middle-Eastern artists, no Israelis? Asked the director.

Dusty Talk #4

There are myths of non-materiality and eternal returns to ultra-materialism

There are facts of pluri-maternity and cycles of soil inversions

Roundabouts, skyscrapers and rainbows

Tunnels, microscopes and sun lines

In between the pieces of glass and carbon, the letters D U S T

In between the mess and the masses, the letters F U C K

A flying rock, fingers in the air, Jerusalem

A falling rock, eyes on the ground, Jerusalem

Microphones at the tips of each finger

Analogically then digitally singling out,

Indexing sounds and signs

Witnessing, prolonging a future of pasts

Always recording one and another

Kurz i klawatura, 2015.

Kurz i klawiatura, 2015.

Kurz i klawiatura, 2015.

Kurz i klawiatura, 2015.

Kurz i klawiatura, 2015.

Dusty Talk #5

Tombs, stencils, Malewicz and a dead brother.

The F of Facebook resembles, grotesquely, a Christian, Orthodox cross.

i martwy brat




XIIIth Century – a castle.

XVIth century – a wooden manor. Neglected.

In 1674, the castle was bought and then rented to be rebuilt.

In 1874, work was abandoned. The building was donated to the Polish Army.

Between 1784–1789, again, rebuilt, converted into military barracks.

After the Partition of Poland, during the Prussian occupation, the building was abandoned.

The Proclamation of the Warsaw Durchy, restored and converted it into military barracks, again.

Plans for converting it into the Central Military Hospital of the Polish Army were postponed by the Congress of Vienna.

1818, a hospital opens – it has space for 1000 wounded.

After the November Uprising, an extra 250 beds were added.

After the fall of the uprising the castle became more of a barracks for the Russian military personnel. After the outbreak of World War I the building was again converted to a provisional hospital by the Russians. After.

Captured by the German army in 1915, in 1917, it was transferred to the Polish Legions and became the main military hospital for Polish units fighting alongside the Central Powers.

When Poland regained her independence in 1918, the internal design of the castle was yet again modified.

After the war, the building was to be rebuilt as the Central Military House. Work did not start as the walls of the castle were demolished by the Communist authorities of Poland. In 1975, the castle was rebuilt according to its 18th-century design. It has housed Warsaw's Center for Contemporary Art since 1985. In September 2015, the castle collapses into a web page, as Poland is invaded by Facebook through a digital appropriation of the Suprematism movement.

Dusty Talk #6

Work. Work. Work. Work

Takes ochre in its most geological form.

Pigment associated with artistic and religious makings

since Neolithic times

the oldest is anachronistic

human and nature, animation and inanity

We will be passing through Sosnowicz right now

Connection, underlining, follow the yellow coal

Ochre works!

but it has also this storytelling capacity,

connecting different realities

exposing the fire extinguisher













The yellow coal is bile mmhh... the yellow produced by the human body, by anger.

There’s this science-fiction novel from the 30s with a scientist that wants to transform human anger into electrical power. The energy, the electricity, the anger.

But eventually it enters a stage of providing beyond needs and suddenly they stop creating the bile, because happy people stop producing progress.

AP was not a bird but a bee. She wore the colors yellow and black. Why are bees black and yellow I ask Answers. Answer writes: not all bees are black and yellow however, colors such as black, red, yellow and orange are used a lot in the animal kingdom as warnings of a bad taste or poison. (Humans also used these colors in road signs and safety labels. Some of the chemicals which cause the colors are derived from urine. The yellow and black banding is shared with the wasp and both species live in the same environment. This would confer added protection to both species as a predator learning not to eat one species would stay away for the other due to their similarity).


AP’s parents are still working in the coal industry

Mum is a geologist

investigates natural resources for the state.

Jolanta Brach-Czaina wrote this book

about all these things that you do everyday

but that you don’t remember, deemed meaningless gestures,

that occupy your space, and organize your time

to keep the things in place

the word is : Shantanina.

Kids and old people singing on the bus

Polish refugees in Iran



We got off the train in Myslowice

It’s in a state of decay, I don’t want to overload the metaphor but it is in a state of decay.

It was this moment of extensive exploitation of coal

that created this place, at the moment of the tripartition of Poland,

an important train connection

and it had this glorious moment of industrial history

and it’s losing its significance in every possible sense

the last coal mine closed last year in Sosnowiec

Nothing will take place but the place

except perhaps a constellation

It’s very silent here, a silence new to the landscape.

Nothing will take place but the place

except perhaps a constellation

Detroit, Katowice, Sosnowiec, Charleroi

Usually it's always noisy, busy, dirty and now it’s silent

what’s urban and rural has been changing and reshaping here, ya?

it’s silent like an abstraction of the countryside

It’s something that strikes me now.

Pshhhhhhht-ing the plants




with 20 figures

Węgiel powstaje z pozostałości drzew i roślin sprzed milionów lat w wyniku połączonego oddziaływania ciśnienia i temperatury. To palna, organiczna skała osadowa, składająca się głównie z węgla, tlenu i wodoru. Na ścianie wisi plakat przygotowany przez Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny, Oddział Górnośląski w Sosnowcu.

Usually people when they think of coal

they think of the color black

but there’s so many colors

before and after

All the entangled colors

before and after

This is where my grandma used to live. You see the rainbow!

The moment of liberal transformation in Poland was very strongly

connected to fighting the grey

to paint your house in color, to get better off, to take your own initiative

color as a sign of freedom

and pastel colors were cheaper.

There was this slogan for Sosnowiec: The Rainbow City

until they realized it was associated with the queer movement.

Dusty talk #7


1:36pm. Contact 2 via his chemical_pink email again… admittedly, messages get pathetically desperate. No response I remember one of the reasons I answered his initial email was because it had pink in it (almost as if he had created that email address just to provoke me).

Sections each paper clipped with various articles for each chapter, some pages nearly hidden under small yellow post-it notes or with margins saturated by handwritten notes and drawings in black pen and pink highlighter, making it nearly impossible for me to read.


The four walls are falling in closer and turning into orange red with layers of bodies and fermenting orange pink blood lubricating them.


I switch to the 11th minute as the page has been marked by the pink magic marker.


Pink magnolias, NYPL, NYBG, cherry blossoms in DC more pink… a fleshed out nipple, a bleeding heart, little girls' pink velvet ribbons, pink spaces, pink lights, my entryway and upstairs foyer bright pink glaze, a pink cashmere sweater set, Christos’ pink blush, or the lack of need for blush cotton candy Pink poodles or pink cats pink cover of Laches the most perfect shade of pink lipstick pink cd holders pink pearl necklace pink pearl earrings pink camisole pink highlighter pink Christmas lights and pink flowers – peonies, tulips, Christmas Catcus in bloom in my room, pinkish lilac, pink hydrangea, pink rose of sharons, rare pink poppies, carpet roses, spinning in pink flowers… begonia, spider flowers, cosmos, sweet peas, toadflax, moonwort,

petunias, phlaxl, butterfly flower, sun moss, wax pink, lilies, caprifolialceae, pink wisteria, oyster plant in pink, foxglove, heather, magnolias, chinese crab apple flash by my eyes. Pink torrent.


One of his friends critically describes Parsani as “a bulging, syphilitic brain with a pink leech dangling at the root of it.”


The convoluted and pink space of decay-pink in the wake of the Semiotics of war and peace, of redness and whiteness and their confrontation – enacts the logic of blindness upon human knowledge.


Cut to pieces, furrowed by nails, incised with teeth, jagged with sharp edges of broken bones, pinking out the entire body, minimizing the flesh, reducing the body's substance to its gist, rounding the limbs up to the nearest outline, increasing the daily chop sounds, today ten thousand cuts, tomorrow more or less; Angra-Maynu (Ahriman) continues to butcher his body as every day new meat and tissues flow into the wounds abnormally, as they shut the wounds closed and form scars – excessive scarring.


Abnrnct lover (AQ = 273)

A concrete entity directly differentiating from “NAPALM-obsession” or “napht dissociative syndrome.” Usually associated with love as incomplete burning, chromatic distortion of all colors, to pink and involuntary submission to the desert.


Pink (AQ=86)

Pink comes after Red.

Stary odkurzacz Electrolux i różowa maź, After the Dust & the Keyboard, 2015.


Lorde Selys works collaboratively with words, lenses, multi-definitions of space, its’ users and inhabitants. Her works, including texts, screenings, performances and installations were presented internationally: Belgium (Etablissements d’en face, Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts and De La Charge), Lebanon (Ashkal Alwan, 98Weeks, Centre Culturel Français, Beirut Art Center), France (Palais de Tokyo, No Found Photo Fair), Poland (Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art), Italy (Mediterranea 16), Norway (Hardbakka Ruins Project), Germany (Arab Film Festival), and Palestine (Al-Mahatta Gallery, Qalandia Biennale, Benjamin in Palestine). Between 2006 and 2010 she collaborated with the Aether9 group – aplatform for transnational storytelling and real-time performance – as a scriptwriter, acting, and filming. She currently researches human versus non-human logics of memory, their dramaturgic, and political form of cohabitation at the Visual Culture department at Goldsmith College, London.

Kuba Krzewiński - b. 1988 composer, sound installation artist. In his recent works (performances, pieces, installations) he focuses on the sense of touch: as means of social communication, as subconscious atavistic need, as alternative for overloaded with images and information occulocentric world.

He graduated with distinction from the H. Wieniawski School of Music in Łódź in violin, studied economics at the University of Lodz and Universite de Paul Valéry in Montpellier and violin at the Academy of Music in Lodz. He holds a bachelor degree in composition from Academy of Music in Lodz under the guidance of Zygmunt Krauze. He studied Masters Studies in Hague in the class of prof. Yannis Kyriakides and Mayke Nas and currently continues studying composition in Hochschüle für Musik Dresden with Mark Andre and Manos Tzangaris.

He cooperates and or was commissioned by: Musik FabrikNEMØ Ensemble, Postensemble, Kompopolex Ensemble, Passepartout Duo, Airborne Extended. His pieces and installations have been shown on many festivals and concerts in Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and Germany, most notably in Lodz Filharmonic 2015, Musica Privata Festival Lodz Poland 2015, Kamermuziek Festival in Antwerpen 2015, Binaural Nodar SOCCOS Residency in Vouzela, Portugal w 2016, LABO residency in Antwerpen 2017, Spring Festival in Hague 2017, Musica Electronica Nova Festival in Wrocław 2017, Sauna Festival in Berlin 2017, Musica Polonica Nova in Wrocław 2018.